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Our Services

Complete House Update
Personalized support to tackle your entire home. We will work with you to reorganize and update all of your storage spaces, making them more functional and easier to maintain.
Single Room/Space
Do you have a particular room or space that you struggle to keep organized? If so, then this is the service for you. Targeted organizing to make that space functional and maintainable for you and your family. • Kitchen • Pantry • Office • Mudroom • Playroom • Bathroom • Bedroom • Closets • Garage •
Moving Support
Personalized support to plan, pack, and label your small belongings in preparation for moving. We will create an inventory of everything, labeling all boxes and creating packing lists to help you keep track of your essentials and making the moving more efficient and less stressful.
Sentimental Services
Support for sorting and organizing belongings from a recently lost family member.
Inventory Management
Personalized support to tackle your businesses inventory. We will work with you to create a maintainable system to manage and store your inventory.
Work Spaces
Personalized support to update your organization systems in shops, work spaces, or garages.

Service Features

Virtual Consultations
A thorough virtual chat where we will talk about the challenges you are facing in your space and which of our services could help you overcome them.
Do you struggle with decluttering? We'll help you sort through your items, choosing those that can be donated or discarded.
We'll sort all of your items into categorizes that make sense for your lifestyle, and relocating when necessary.
System Design
Design of custom organizing systems to work for your lifestyle.
Product Selection
Sourcing organizing products to meet your budget and lifestyle.
Inventory Management
Guidance and recommendations on how to effectively manage your small business inventory.
Custom labels to add the finishing touches to your systems.
Personalized Support
All support will be tailored to you and your space.


"Amie gave us the motivation to complete a full reorganization of our shop. It was a collaborative effort that I enjoyed being a part of. Amie did an excellent job of categorizing our things and creating functional systems. She was conscious of our budget and we are very happy with the final product. The space is much more functional and enjoyable to work in."

Neil; 5-day Shop Reorganization Project