Cleaning services do a wonderful job of tidying your home and cleaning the dust & dirt, whereas a professional organizing service creates organizational system that can improve the functionality of your space and provide long-term solutions to those challenging areas that always seem to become overrun with clutter.

While our main services do not include cleaning, light cleaning of drawers and cupboards will be completed before your organizing systems are implemented. 

That is completely up to you, and can depend on the package chosen and the space being worked on. We will not remove anything from your home without your permission, so it would be beneficial for you to be around for some of the process.

Yes. While we do take photos throughout the process to help design and develop your organizing systems, we will not share them on social media without your permission.

To ensure we can provide our clients with the most value and exceptional service, we do not move or install furniture, dispose of large or hazardous items, or complete decorating tasks such as painting. 

For now, payment is accepted by e-transfer, cheque, or cash. We soon hope to be able to offer other methods of payment to increase convenience for our clients. 

Of course! We are flexible and work around your lifestyle. Keep in mind that they may slow down the process though, and our goal is to accomplish as much as possible in your given time frame. 

100% yes. The last phase of any project includes a walk through. We will explain the changes that have been made and how you can maintain them.

Yes, we can absolutely help with this. Depending on the amount and size of items to be discarded or donated a fee may be charged for the service. 

Yes, absolutely! We think giving the gift of organization is a wonderful idea! 

Feel free to reach out, we are happy to answer any questions you have. 

1. Reach out and say hello through our contact form!

2. We’ll schedule an intro call to talk about the challenges you are facing. 

3. Pick the services and packages that works for you – proposal signing. 

4. Virtual consultation.

5. Let’s get stuck in!